We provide branding and marketing services through our sister company, Emphasis Branding. They have helped clients like Audi and NTU find branding and marketing solutions to enhance their brand visibility.


RMA Group is a leading recruitment agencies in Singapore providing manpower and outsourcing for more than 15 years to suit the needs of companies. Despite their richness in experience, they do not have adistinct branding to differentiate itself from the rest. In order to generate greater revenue, RMA Group has to redefine its position and branding. Project Description: RMA group restructured and regroup byfinding brand designers to craft out an identity by first changing its logo to createa form that is Bold, Dynamic, andAdaptable. Then, select the correct visual language and apply it towards all collateral and into any future products from RMA. Corporate stationary, uniforms, vehicle graphics, signage and marketing materials are painted according to the uniform style and brand guide.

Outcome: With a clear identity, customers feel more confidence with the product and services leading to a revenue increase of 30%.