Operational Solutions – Company Secretary

The Top 5 Reasons to outsource Company Secretary:

1. It is a double-layered legal responsibility. 

Ensure that you are up to date with legal requirements and do up all the necessary time consuming paperwork

2. If you want to avoid charges or imprisonment, hire competent people right from the start.

Ensure that you are always keeping abreast of regulatory requirements

3. Accuracy is critical in your beginnings.

The right paperwork and categorisation must be set up at the start. Especially with Memorandum of Association filings, so set up the right structure at the start with competent company secretary services

4. Consistency is key to government compliance.

Submitting consistent legal documents is important throughout the operation of the business. Knowing when to file annual filings from tax to annual general meetings. Aberdeen Alliance company secretary services will help your business.

5. Don’t just outsource anyone.

Outsource to a professional, with our staff who are accountants by trade and with at least 3 years experience we are able to advise well on company secretary matters.