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Feinmetall Singapore is a company that designs and manufactures probe cards for the semiconductor industry.  Project Description: Feinmetall Singapore implemented a Human Resource Management (HRM) System with modules focusing on performance appraisal, compensation and benefits, and recruitment to revamp their purely administrative processes.


The implementation has eradicated many repetitive processes and resulted in a number of new developments, including establishing a programme called “Employee 1-2-1”, which provides staff with a dedicated, individual feedback session with management every six months. Another new HR initiative is the implementation of 360-degree appraisals, where staff are appraised by their boss, peers, and subordinates. A detailed job grade system was also established, something that Mr Sam says would normally only be found in larger companies.

“A good human resource management system gives staff the assurance that there is a planin place for developing their career,” says Mr Sam.