SIM University


SIM University

SIM is a private university in Singapore. It was established in 2005 and is managed separately from the SIM Global Education arm of the Singapore Institute of Management Group.

Project Description:

SIM subscribe to a CRM system to integrate with its IP PBX telephony system so agents could provide students with improved service and replace an outdated, Excel-driven solution to track opportunities and drive marketing.


With implementation of CRM, SIM University can:

1. Allow25 users in the university’s student recruitment and relations department toprovide personalized, improved service

2. Identifybottlenecks in resolving student issues and leverage on Lead and Campaignmodules for student recruitment, improving marketing ROI.  

“With implementation of CRM, there is an increase inproductivity in terms of recruitment and customer service. Time is savedon repetitive tasks and our colleagues can focus more on planning.” SIMUniversity Recruitment Office