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Aramco Group


aramco group

The Aramco Group, a leading provider of mortgage and real estate services for homeowners in San Diego.   Project Description: The Aramco Group wanted to optimize the large amount of traffic to their website to generate higher quality leads.

They chose SEO agency to:

1) Build over 25 citations (business listings on niche directories) that included Name,Address, Phone Number, and Website information to boost local SEO.

2) Conducted Visual Website Optimizer A/B form testing to make site appearance decisions that would increase CRO.

3) Created an e-mail review template to help solicit reviews on the client’s Google+profile.

4) Developed a combination of over 50 e-blasts, blog posts, pages of on-site content, press releases, info graphics, and slideshows to support a strong content marketing campaign.  

Outcome: In just over a year, The Aramco Group was able to observed 95% increase in non-branded organic website traffic and 103% improvement in their form fill conversions.