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Novartis Institutes  

Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research’s (NIBR)purpose is to cure, care, and provide medicines that treat and preventdiseases, ease suffering and improve quality of life. NIBR maintains aglobal research network of 6,000 scientists that have 130 projects indevelopment that combine clinical insights with mechanical understanding –focusing on the molecular pathways shared by various diseases. With an averagetime and cost to take a drug to market of 10 years and about $1 billion.

Project Description:

Novartis built a platform for computational chemistry byleveraging on Amazon Web Services. The project ran across 10,600 SpotInstances (approximately 87,000 compute cores)  


All the information can be easily access bytheir staff. Novartis was able to conduct 39 years of computational chemistryin 9 hours for a cost of $4,232. Out of the 10 million compounds screened,three were successfully identified.

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