Technology Solutions – Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

ERP systems are large scale softwaresystems that encompass all departments in the organization. The main benefitsof these systems is that they allow the consolidation of all the departmentalinformation, from manufacturing to sales and marketing into one managementsystem. This means real-time information is shared between departments,allowing for better planning of resources from stock to cash-flow. They allow afirm to be able to increase their bandwidth without increasing their manpowerrequirements, whilst allowing seamless flow of data between departments.

At Aberdeen Alliance Group Pte Ltd we strive to find the right solution foryour business, as ERP systems come in all shapes and sizes. We offerindependent advice on the right software solution, rather than forcing you tofit the one solution. We have solutions from brand names like Salesforce andNetSuite to Open-source solutions to other products. We can do it all.


NetSuite ERP Solutions

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Alternatum.NET ERP System

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