Technology Solutions – Mobile Applications

With mobile usage exponentially climbing, the future of finding and interacting with businesses and services is through mobile apps. It’s not merely enough that a website is what you need, rather you need to continue to interact with customers through a mobile experience. With nearly 40% of all web browsing in Singapore happening through mobile devices in 2014, up 100% from previous years. It is expected that by 2018 nearly 80% of all web browsing will happen through mobile devices.

The out of store experience should continue through the mobile app, it allows you to notify customers of updates to your store, promotions that may be happening and other pieces of news that connect you positively to your customer.

We are an award winning mobile application developer, having developed sophisticated platforms for mobile devices for financial industries, retail stores, MNCs and F&B outlets. We can help you develop your out-of-store experience today.

Mobile Application Infographics