Technology Solutions – Service Integration

Why do you need Service Integration?

Usually those who ask are struggling to manage several different service providers who, in most cases, are working independently of each other, and with little connection to the business goals their services underpin.

So here’s a few key indicators:

You’ve achieved some of the benefits of outsourcing; you’ve seen a reduction in the cost of services but the quality of your service delivery is inconsistent
Your suppliers are delivering to their SLAs, but you’re not able to provide the flexibility and responsiveness your business requires
You’ve followed industry guidelines and contracted for services from a range of suppliers, each one best in class in their field, but your they are not working as a team
Do you have sight of the end-to end services your user base receives; can you anticipate problems and ensure they do not occur?
Do you feel in control or is it more like ‘all hands to the pump’ managing your suppliers, and after the initial savings are your internal costs now rising again…

If you are experiencing any of the headaches above then don’t hesitate to contact Aberdeen Alliance Group Pte Ltd